Dear parents,

Please see below for updates to our early dismissal and tardy policy in the CBA Parent-Student Handbook.

Pick-Up and Custodial information

All parents/guardians receive an Authorized Pick-Up card for all students in their family at the start of the school year.  On the application form, parents identify the only people who can pick up their child. For students whose parents are separated, divorced, or single, the parent who resides in the home needs to provide custodial information to the office when submitting the student’s application. The school will not get involved in a custodial dispute or provide any extra information to parents that is not part of their permanent record. The goal of the school is to provide a safe place for the child.


  1. To modify a student’s schedule, the parent/guardian must contact the office and request the change. If a parent/guardian needs to pick up a child early from class, they should email and the student’s teacher, or call/text the office ahead of time, so that the student will be ready with limited interruption to the rest of the class. 


  1. All persons listed on the application form and authorized to sign-out students must be 18 years of age or older. 


  1. When a parent/family member arrives at the school to pick up a child for early release, they are to report directly to the CBA side door. Parents/family members should not be permitted to go to the student’s classroom or any other secure areas of the building. 


  1. Office staff will ask the parent/guardian to present a photo ID OR CBA-issued Authorized Pick-Up Card. If the individual does not have an ID in their possession, office staff should direct them to retrieve it. If this poses a problem, office staff should get the headmaster involved to intervene and reiterate the “no dismissal without an ID” procedure. 


  1. The photo on the ID must match the individual and the name on the ID must match the name listed on the student’s application form, OR the person must show a CBA-issued Authorized Pick-Up card. If the names and/or photo do not match, the student is not to be released. 


  1. Once confirmed, office staff will make a copy of the person’s photo ID IF they are not on the authorized pick-up list (ie, only had an Authorized Pick-Up Card) and call the student from class to the office. 


  1. Office staff will write the date and time on the copy of the ID of those who only have the Authorized Pick-Up card. The copy will then be put into the student’s file. 


  1. When the student arrives at office, the office staff will escort them to the door, and the parent/family member will sign the log book (name, signature, date, time, student name, reason for dismissal) and leave with the student. 

Elementary Tardy Procedure

If your elementary student is tardy, parents/caretakers must complete a tardy form at the CBA entrance for the student to submit to their teacher. Three tardies per quarter will result in a talk with the Headmaster. CBA’s goal is to create a guide to help us consistently love the teachers and protect the learning time of the whole CBA family.