We have set class-specific pick up/drop off areas.

Parents will drop off and pick up their child in the same place throughout the year. Thankfully, we have a large campus and can spread out the different places. Preschool parents will be able to leave their child with the teacher as well as see the teacher when they pick their child up. Preschool drop off is at 8:30. Parents who are attending only circle time will enter at 8:40 or 9:15 depending on the class circle time start time.

Elementary parents will not park. They will enter from Lackawanna Blvd and drive to the entrance at the backside of the church entrance closest to the soccer field. Students will be dropped off with their face covering on and parents can leave after their temperature has been taken.

Below is the map for normal day drop off:

Below is the map for rainy day drop off:

Drop-Off Plan for Inclement Weather
Hola padres,In case of rain or inclement weather, we have outlined CBA’s drop-off procedures below. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions!
Gratefully,CBA team

All elementary and Mandarin students, including 2nd graders should be dropped off at the back door.  Before exiting the car, students will have their temperatures checked, parents will answer the 2 COVID exposure questions, and once students have their masks on, they will enter through the back door to go to their regularly scheduled class. Second grade math class will meet in Mrs. Johnson’s indoor classroom on the 2nd floor.
Kindergarten – regular drop-off procedures (Marisol’s students will be dropped off at her classroom inside the playground)
PreschoolMaestras Maribel/Eliany and Roxy/Karly/Verty – regular drop-off procedures
Maestras Pamela/Leidi and Virgen/Elizabeth– regular drop-off procedures, except that parents should drop off students at CBA’s front entrance instead of at the playground

Maestras Illisbeth/Laura, and Josefa/Mili – parents should wait in the car line (following the elementary school protocol) and drop off their students at the back door.  We will follow the usual drop-off procedure, with temperature checks and COVID-related questions, BEFORE students exit the car. 

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