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CBA is not bound by what public schools are doing. We are able to make our own decisions based upon what is best and wisest for our school community. While we remain in communication with experts from DHEC and other local independent and public schools our decisions will continue to be made based upon what is best for the CBA community as a whole.

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We have set class-specific pick up/drop off areas. Parents will drop off and pick up their child in the same place throughout the year. Thankfully, we have a large campus and can spread out the different places. Preschool parents will be able to leave their child with the teacher as well as see the teacher when they pick their child up. Preschool drop off is at 8:30. Parents who are attending only circle time will enter at 8:40 or 9:15 depending on the class circle time start time.

Elementary parents will not park. They will enter from Lackawanna Blvd and drive to the entrance at the backside of the church entrance closest to the soccer field. Students will be dropped off with their face covering on and parents can leave after their temperature has been taken.

Below is the map for normal day drop off:

Below is the map for rainy day drop off:

Drop-Off Plan for Inclement Weather
Hola padres,In case of rain or inclement weather, we have outlined CBA’s drop-off procedures below. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions!
Gratefully,CBA team

All elementary and Mandarin students, including 2nd graders should be dropped off at the back door.  Before exiting the car, students will have their temperatures checked, parents will answer the 2 COVID exposure questions, and once students have their masks on, they will enter through the back door to go to their regularly scheduled class. Second grade math class will meet in Mrs. Johnson’s indoor classroom on the 2nd floor.
Kindergarten – regular drop-off procedures (Marisol’s students will be dropped off at her classroom inside the playground)
PreschoolMaestras Maribel/Eliany and Roxy/Karly/Verty – regular drop-off procedures
Maestras Pamela/Leidi and Virgen/Elizabeth– regular drop-off procedures, except that parents should drop off students at CBA’s front entrance instead of at the playground

Maestras Illisbeth/Laura, and Josefa/Mili – parents should wait in the car line (following the elementary school protocol) and drop off their students at the back door.  We will follow the usual drop-off procedure, with temperature checks and COVID-related questions, BEFORE students exit the car. 

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Elementary MAP testing will begin the week of Aug 17th -21st. 1st grade-4th graders will come in small groups to take this assessment. Our intention is to identify students’ gains and losses over the last 5 months according to common core standards and to create safe opportunities for children to meet their teachers, see their classrooms, and walk through some of the new routines and procedures. MAP testing schedules will be sent by email to elementary parents in the coming days. 

The first full school day for Mandarin and Spanish 1st-4th grades is planned for Monday, August 24th

  • Mandarin Kindergarten class goes from 8:15- 12:30 pm. 
  • 1st-4th (Mandarin and Spanish) goes from 8:15am- 3:15pm.

Spanish Preschool-Kindergarten starts on Monday, August 31st

  • Kindergarten class goes from 8:15- 12:45 pm. 
  • Preschool begins at 8:30 am and ends at 12:00pm. 

We will offer lunch bunch from 12:00-12:30 pm (if you sign up for LB for the year, the cost is $4/day, otherwise it’s $5/day). Email to sign up. 

KOM starts on Tuesday, September 1.

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  1. Kids on Mission (kids and adults)- Small group, online, live tutoring that focuses on listening and speaking in the target language (Spanish, Mandarin-soon other languages)
  2. Preschool (20 months- PreK)- ½ day Spanish immersion preschool at CBA. Option of 2,3,5 days a week.
  3. Outdoor Circle Time (20 months- PreK). All preschool CBA circle times will be outside this year, weather permitting. If your child is not attending CBA this fall a parent can enroll to participate in a socially distanced, age-appropriate circle time Monday-Friday.  Circle times are interactive group sessions that last around 30 min (depending on age), where little ones sing, dance, participate in a story and learn key concepts in the target language. Depending on the CBA class, circle times are at 8:40am  (3 years +) or 9:15 (20 mo- 2 years).
  4. Elementary (K-4th grade): Full day Spanish or mandarin immersion elementary school at CBA.
  5. Virtual Elementary (K-4th grade). Students who do not feel comfortable coming to campus or who are quarantined can still work alongside their peers on the same curriculum and can view videos of each day’s instruction as well as turn in assignments. Students also have the option to attend part of the day in person (such as the outdoor math class, P.E class outside and play/lunch time). Contact the office for more information (843-779-2472/ Once families feel comfortable coming to campus, they can seamlessly join class in person.
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We offer many options such as credit card, Venmo using our Venmo username of @charlestonbilingualacademy, money order, check, direct deposit or automatic monthly subscription. Venmo is our preferred method of payment as it does not incur any additional fees.

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It is imperative for your child to stay home if you suspect your child has COVID-19, your child has tested positive for COVID-19, your child has COVID-19 symptoms, or your child or your household members have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19. It is vital that each family is very transparent about any COVID-19 related situation so we can inform any other community members who may have been exposed. 

If your elementary child is home, and well enough to participate in school, you will use our google classroom platform to continue receiving assignments while he or she is out. The google classroom  experience this fall will be more streamlined than in the spring, where teachers will upload their assignments. Additionally,  CBA Kindergarten and elementary teachers have worked hard this summer acquiring an exceptional curriculum in Spanish that will also aid in completing home assignments without the need of printing materials.

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Guided by DHEC and medical guidelines, we will handle each case individually. We will notify local health officials. We may need to dismiss some students and/or staff for several days up to 14 days. We will communicate with staff, parents and students while keeping confidentiality. Based on CDC predictions, it is possible there will be additional outbreaks of COVID-19 that could impact on-campus programming during the school year. If so, we have have to quarantines a cohort, a grade, or close the entire school for a short period of time. We will provide engaging, virtual instruction should this occur.

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If a student or employee begins experiencing COVID-19 symptoms during the day, he or she will be isolated from others immediately. CBA has a designated isolation area for this. Any area the student or employee has visited that day will be cleaned thoroughly. Parents will be called by the office to pick up their child immediately, and the office will advise them on next steps.

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Teachers will wear face shields at all times. These allow their faces to be seen. CDC, DHEC, American Pediatrics Society recommends that children who do not know how to properly wear masks should NOT wear masks (e.g. touching their face more, increases risk). Preschoolers are not required to wear masks. K-4th students will be asked to bring a cloth face mask or non synthetic cloth neck gaiter to wear in the hallways and when they are not able to practice social distancing during the day. They won’t need to wear them in the classroom when at their desks. 

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Family agreement:

First and foremost, all CBA parents will agree to protect our community. Parents will sign a community agreement agreeing to stay home if they suspect their child has COVID-19, the child has tested positive for COVID-19, the child has COVID-19 symptoms, or their child or any of the household members have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19. Parents will also daily affirm they have not been exposed nor are symptomatic. The school will also take students’ temperatures before attending class.

Students and staff will be excluded from school if they have: 

Per CBA’s COVID agreement, students and staff will be excluded from school if they have:

  • Any 1 of the following: Fever >100, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, vomiting, or a new undiagnosed cough, undiagnosed nausea/diarrhea   
  • Any 2 of the following: Sore throat, muscle aches, chills,  (*This list could change as we get more information).

If your child has had a fever of 100 degrees or more, your child must be symptom-free (for 24 hours) and you must provide the school with a doctor’s note or negative COVID test before being approved to reenter class.  If your child, or anyone in your household, tests positive for COVID, then CDC guidelines will be followed (14 days of quarantine after the last close exposure).

Per CBA’s sickness policy in the Parent-Student Handbook, students will not be admitted to school if he or she has one or more of these symptoms: diarrhea, rash, fever, sore throat, upset stomach, vomiting, green or yellow mucus, a cold with infection present, discharge from pink, red, or puffy eyes, or earache. If a child has constant green or yellow mucus, then they need to stay home to avoid the transmission of germs to other students.

CBA sanitation measures: 

  • The school has contracted BIOSWEEP to apply their safe Hydrogen Peroxide based solution to apply to high touch areas that will keep germs from growing on these areas for 365 days. 
  • In addition, high touch areas will be cleaned throughout the day and our sanitation officer will disinfect the room while the class is outside. 
  • The school will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day by our cleaning crew. 
  • We have purchased an electrostatic sprayer to further enhance our cleaning and sanitizing processes nightly. 
  • The school has invested in UV-C air purifiers and we are also planning to install a Reme Halo system in our HVAC system. 
  • Two outdoor hand washing stations will be installed outside entryway doors. 
  • Depending on the age, teachers will have the option to either have students leave shoes outside the classroom or spray the soles with Isopropyl alcohol. We ask parents to purchase shoes that are easy to put on/take off (for example: Velcro straps) and dress children in socks.

Increase distancing while maintaining socialization:

  • Classes will stay with their group throughout the day (e.g. chapels will be held in individual classrooms, only 1 group will be on the playground at a time and the area will be disinfected between classes). 
  • To increase distancing, we will remove some tables in the preschool classrooms. 
  • Weather permitting, classes will have PE class, eat and have circle time outside in addition to their daily outdoor recess. 
  • Students in grades K-4th will will be placed between 3-6 feet apart so that students are able to take their masks off while seated. While working in groups, they will use their masks. 
  • We love our visitors, including volunteers and guest experts. However, our main job is to keep students safe. We will limit visitor and parent access inside the building. We are asking that you call us or email us as much as possible rather than coming in person to make inquiries. Remember also that you can pay through the website and Venmo. You can also mail checks to 5032 Lackawanna Blvd., North Charleston, SC 29405.
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The K-4th grade teachers will send an introductory video tour and email classroom protocols to their families prior to the start of school.  Teachers will also set up a zoom call to say hello and answer any questions. For our elementary students, the MAP testing week will also serve as a time for students to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. 

Preschool teachers will also send an introductory video tour and email classroom protocols to their families prior to the start of school.  They will also set up a follow-up zoom call. On Friday, August 28th, we will invite preschool families to come drive through the campus to get to know their drop off point as well as say hi to their teachers. We will send out more information with specific times closer to this date.

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