April Godly Trait of the Month Activities – Jesus Heals


This month, in addition to our verse of the month, CBA students are learning that in the Old Testament, God gave the prophets Elijah and Elisha power to heal diseases and raise the dead. Jesus is greater than the prophets. Jesus not only healed the sick and raised the dead, He also defeated sin and death once and for all when He died on the cross and rose again. Jesus will return one day and eliminate sickness and suffering forever. From our study outlined in the Gospel Project, our big picture question is: Why did God create people? Answer: God created people [...]

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Welcome Marilyn Lane to the CBA Family!


Dear Parents and CBA Family, We are honored to introduce you to the newly named Principal of Charleston Bilingual Middle and Elementary Schools, Mrs. Marilyn Lane. Marilyn comes to us from The WellSpring School across the world in the United Arab Emirates where she has served as Principal for the past five years. Mrs. Lane is passionate about seeing students become innovative thinkers, skilled communicators, and courageous leaders. Mrs. Lane comes to CBA after months of prayer. Marilyn said last year she began praying for an opportunity to move back to the US. Her hope was to find a school that [...]

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Bienvenidos a Capilla!


Elementary students attend chapel - capilla - every Wednesday and Friday to learn about and praise our great God together. Often, a class will lead a Godly Trait of the Month song.  Click here to see our 3rd and 4th grade class singing 1 John 4:7-8. Below you will find some of the songs we love to sing in English and Spanish during capilla, so you can sing along at home! Sample chapel playlist: How Great is Our God https://youtu.be/mUKJKRmbyyA Vine a adorarte (Here I Am to Worship, Spanish) https://youtu.be/Df7dVj6y8Mw Here I Am to Worship (English) https://youtu.be/ytq_I_YuhLI Deep Cries unto You [...]

Bienvenidos a Capilla!2021-04-13T08:30:46-04:00

The Wait is Almost Over… Join Us in Welcoming CBA’s New Elementary & Middle School Principal @ the April 1 Parent Connect!


We told you it was BIG... Please help us welcome CBA's new Elementary and Middle School Principal, Marilyn Lane, to Dr. Johnson's admin team!  She will be at the Parent Connect on Thursday, April 1 @ 8:30am - you won't want to miss this!!

The Wait is Almost Over… Join Us in Welcoming CBA’s New Elementary & Middle School Principal @ the April 1 Parent Connect!2021-03-26T15:10:24-04:00
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