2020. A death and life situation. Thoughts from Dr. Johnson.


In an affluent society, it is easier to be an atheist. Or at least a pragmatic atheist. Regardless of what you say you believe, our actions can look like we are controlling our own destiny and we live for the here and now. Where we spend our money and time will quickly reveal where our heart beliefs lie (pun intended?).  If our ledger does not reveal our hearts, our anxieties will. What stresses us out, and what does that reveal about our beliefs in God and the afterlife? Our affluence has led us to what culture calls a “post truth” society. [...]

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Biblical Parenting Dialogue – Session 1


There seems to be a spike in parenting conversations ever since the pandemic started. Perhaps when kids spend the day in school and activities, it's more manageable to bribe, distract, manipulate, or intimidate a child for the last few hours before bedtime. Having kids around more can push parents to the limit. And perhaps some new habits that formed at home during the pandemic have been hard to break.  I love that our school is cultivating authentic relationships where we can be honest and say, “Sometimes I think I am failing at parenting.” Whether it’s disrespect, defiance, argumentativeness, laziness, selfishness, screen [...]

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Using your 529 for K-12 education


Written by a CBA parent Do you have a 529 College Savings Plan for your child? If so, you need to know about a compelling and fairly new component of your 529 plan that can benefit your family before college! “Effective January 1, 2018, families may withdraw up to an aggregate of $10,000 a year per beneficiary tax free to cover K-12 tuition at public, private or religious elementary or secondary schools. For such expenses, account owners are responsible for monitoring, and complying with, the $10,000 aggregate limit.There is not a distinction between K-12 withdrawals and withdrawals to a college or [...]

Using your 529 for K-12 education2020-09-22T10:00:36-04:00

Incredible Beginnings – A Glimpse at our Elementary Chapels


In our staff time this morning I explained that this has been the smoothest school start in our 6 years. That is God’s grace! I believe there are many factors, such as different drop-off points, and decreasing the number of students in each room while increasing student-teacher ratios. It is also due to parents truly committing to care for our whole community. Several parents have already kept their children home for upset stomachs, green mucus, and low-grade fevers. Thank you for protecting all of us! After tons of work over the summer, it is an exhilarating feeling to have such an [...]

Incredible Beginnings – A Glimpse at our Elementary Chapels2020-09-11T23:23:34-04:00

An Oasis of Joy


164 days. March 13-August 24th. 164 days without teachers and children in the hallways.5 days. This week. 5 days with voices and laughter of children filling every corner of campus.  Sometimes we experience emotions where we struggle to find words to express what we feel. The closest word for how I have felt this week is JOY. My son came home after the first day of class in 164 days and said, “Dad, it was the best first day ever!” I will never know what it is like for a 7 year old to go through a pandemic and isolation, but [...]

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Keep Your Kids Culturally Active this Summer (Without Travelling) Written by: Ashley Shannon


My three-year-old daughter’s favorite song is “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World.” She belts it out whenever or wherever she feels the inclination.  When I was her age, I also liked to sing and dance.  My parents ran a group home for young adults with intellectual disabilities. We lived with these six individuals. We ate with them, spent time with them, and they slept one room over from me. Little did I know that these six adults were able to live somewhat independently, despite their disabilities, because my parents lived with them and had the help of extra staff [...]

Keep Your Kids Culturally Active this Summer (Without Travelling) Written by: Ashley Shannon2020-06-30T10:04:12-04:00

Saving for Tuition


Dear Parents,One of the schools in our network published the following blog which is very helpful in ways to leverage/save money during this crisis and prepare for tuition payments starting in July. Additionally, Charleston Bilingual Academy is implementing a referral fee to help CBA families with next year's tuition costs. Starting today, if you refer a new family who enrolls in either CBA or Kids on Mission, you will receive a $20 credit to CBA/KOM programs. We can even set up an affiliate website where new families can register for CBA/KOM through your page.*If you are a CBA parent who has recently [...]

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50 Reasons to Fight for Your Marriage- Happy Mother’s Day Mom


“We are just not compatible.” “I'm not sure we were ever really in love.” “She/He just does not understand my needs.” “This is not the same person I married.” “I feel like I am married to a stranger.”... If your marriage is not going the way you dreamed of, how long do you hang on before you consider quitting? COVID19 quarantine has concentrated our relationships in the home. Our marriages and parenting have been impacted, either for better or for worse or both. How is your marriage going? Statistics indicate most marriages are struggling, and in this brief blog, I would [...]

50 Reasons to Fight for Your Marriage- Happy Mother’s Day Mom2020-05-01T07:49:00-04:00
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