A deeper dive into the “intercultural” aspect at CBA: A message from Dr. Johnson


Our mission reads, Partnering with parents to inspire world changers through Christ-centered, intercultural, language immersion education. Every word and component has been intentionally crafted, trying to succinctly express our DNA. I want to do a deeper dive into the "intercultural" word. Various influences on culture include race, geographical region, home language, educational level, and socioeconomic status (to name a few). You might be interested in knowing CBA’s racial diversity. With a diverse population, we could have written “multicultural” into our mission statement, which would indicate our desire to be surrounded by different cultures. However, the word “intercultural” more deeply connotes an [...]

A deeper dive into the “intercultural” aspect at CBA: A message from Dr. Johnson2022-01-14T10:15:25-05:00

Should your child’s education be different from your education? A Message from Dr. Johnson


Believe it or not, as parents, we do many things in life because that is the way our parents did it. From child-rearing, to eating habits, to the sport teams we cheer for (Go Tigers!) and what kind of pets we like or dislike. This often is true in the K12 education we choose for our children. Traditional= safe, neutral, right?... and no one wants to risk messing up their child’s education. In our upcoming parent chats, I will share our curricular vision.   Hear specifically about first grade and the way we approach reading here.  One of our parents has given [...]

Should your child’s education be different from your education? A Message from Dr. Johnson2022-01-17T13:15:30-05:00

Godly Trait of the Month: January


Each month we talk to students about a character quality or Godly trait. We reinforce the idea via scripture and with a song. The character quality of the month for January: Respect Definition: Treating others with honor and dignity Memory Verse: 3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. Philippians 2:3-4 We explain to students some practical ways they can practice this trait by following these "I will" statements: See myself and others as created by God with value and [...]

Godly Trait of the Month: January2022-01-03T14:10:13-05:00

2021 Christmas Program at Charleston Bilingual Academy


What a wonderful Christmas season we had! Our students took the 2021 holiday season to learn about how people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Through our reimagined Christmas program, students and their families were able to tour our campus where they made stops in spots that reflected different countries in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. We even had a petting zoo with animals typically found in the Holy Land.  The theme of our Christmas program was Christmas Around the World. Most of our program was outside because of COVID considerations,  but each class was also [...]

2021 Christmas Program at Charleston Bilingual Academy2022-01-03T12:01:16-05:00

Mask update, protocol change


We have been so blessed this year at Charleston Bilingual Academy. Through our efforts as a community, we've protected so much of our in-person class time. That is vital to our students' learning. We thank you for the precautions you're taking. We thank our teachers for their flexibility in moving instruction outside and working with students on their masks and hand washing. Our sanitation team has worked tirelessly to keep our school clean. It truly takes a village! Starting December 1, we will change our policy where masks are optional for staff and students for the month of December at the [...]

Mask update, protocol change2021-11-16T21:43:53-05:00

What’s in the Works at CBA


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1EBkxLecnU We have some big dreams for CBA. Since the launch of Charleston Bilingual Academy, we've been on a God-sized adventure growing this school. We started seven years ago with three teachers and seven students. The teachers took the job as volunteers for the first month because we weren't backed by deep pockets. But we trusted God through this usual start to a school, and we've seen His astounding provision every day.  This year we are pushing 250 students. And those students who started with us as babies in our 20-month-old class are halfway through completing fifth grade. That means we've [...]

What’s in the Works at CBA2021-11-14T20:57:27-05:00

Pulling off the Carpet: A Message from Mrs. Marilyn


For the last month, we have been remodeling our home. Every room in the house had walls covered with wallpaper that had been there for many many years. Floors were covered with old, stained carpet, and door-frames were soiled and scratched. The kitchen was small and enclosed, cut-off from the other rooms. But, the house had ‘good bones’ so they say. It had potential if we could just look beyond what we saw on the surface and see what it could become. That has been a good lesson for me.   I can just imagine I’m like this house - in need [...]

Pulling off the Carpet: A Message from Mrs. Marilyn2021-11-14T09:34:06-05:00

Fostering and supporting our community


During our Chat with the Headmaster in November, we heard from three families impacted by the foster care system.  All three stories were powerful and humbling. WATCH HERE There is a major need for families to foster children in our state right now. In the last report from the Department of Social Services in August, there were more than 300 children in foster care in Charleston County alone. In Berkeley County, there were 130, and in Dorchester County, there were 59. There simply aren't enough foster homes for all of these children. Currently, the need (whether fostering or adopting) is for [...]

Fostering and supporting our community2021-11-08T08:59:43-05:00

Expanding “education freedom” for students and families across our state


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5ZTdqPSyZA As our lawmakers return to Columbia in 2022, they will consider a key piece of legislation that will impact private schools like ours.  Our rally cry for the Education Scholarship Account bill in the SC House is “Get It Thru in ‘22!”  For some national perspective, in 2021 18 states expanded existing or created new private school choice programs. Passing the law in our state will have a tremendous impact on how you pay for private school. Under the provisions of the South Carolina Education Scholarship Account Act (ESA), families of eligible students will receive an education grant. Then parents [...]

Expanding “education freedom” for students and families across our state2021-11-14T21:09:52-05:00

The Dad that Disciplines: A Message from Dr. Johnson


In the months leading up to having another baby, one of my daughters was brimming with anticipation. We just knew she was going to love this baby like her own. I believe she thought she was getting a real-life baby doll for Christmas. Honestly, I was as excited about watching her love her baby sister as I was about meeting this new precious princess. About one month after our new arrival, I had to talk to my daughter. Her behavior had surprisingly gone downhill since her sister came to town. That particular morning, she had intentionally hurt another sibling. I was [...]

The Dad that Disciplines: A Message from Dr. Johnson2021-10-26T05:33:40-04:00
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