• Returning Students Only

    This form is only for returning students. If the child you are enrolling is attending for the first time, please fill out the school registration form.
    Children 4 and under have to be accompanied by a legal guardian to attend after school activities
  • Authorization

    Throughout the year, we take the children's pictures. We would like to use some of these pictures on our school website, newsletter, social media pages, and school apps. It is also possible that local news stations will feature our classrooms. Please indicate your permission to put your child's picture in these venues.
    The registration fee must be received before February 1st in order to receive the early bird discount and reserve your child's spot.
  • Follow-up Email

    In a follow up email, you will need to fill out the Parent Handbook and Community COVID-19 Agreement Forms in order to complete registration.

  • Your signature legally confirms that all of the information you have given is accurate. You also hereby authorize Charleston Bilingual Academy to secure emergency medical treatment for your child if you, parents, guardians, or family physician cannot be reached.