Annual Flowering of the Cross Tradition
CBA elementary and middle school students and teachers took time on Good Friday to celebrate the time in history that impacted each and every one of us! At assembly, Dr. Johnson reminded us what took place on Good Friday, theneveryone took time to look at the cross – what appeared at first to be a terrible, bleak, and dreary day, turned beautiful when Jesus Christ conquered death and rose! We declared together, “He is risen!”
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5th Fraders Experience A Day in the Life of a Refugee
In March, fifth grade students learned about Southeast Asian countries, their culture, worldview, government, language, foods, and traditions, which culminated in Canva presentations to the class and a Field Study trip called “A Day in the Life of a Refugee.” Students attended a culture training class led by Hannah Brown, who has a great deal of experience working and serving refugees in Charleston. Students then rode the CARTA city bus to a language lesson at Northwood Baptist Church where they received a language lesson in Swahili, similar to how a refugee would. Students experienced how it feels to listen to a language they do not understand but need to learn, just like a refugee needs to do when they arrive in Charleston and need to learn English. Students then rode the CBA school bus to a Vietnamese restaurant, where they used a Vietnamese-language menu with pictures to place their order and experience what it feels like to eat food that tastes very different from the food they are used to eating. As they traveled along Rivers Avenue, students were given a “Life of a Refugee Questionnaire” to help them reflect on their experiences and looked for places along Rivers Avenue that are from other cultures. 

We pray students continue to think about how they can help receive a sojourner or foreigner to Charleston and make them feel welcome.

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