A Note from Principal Lane: 

It’s hard to believe how fast the year has gone, but when I take a look at everything the students are learning, it is thrilling! Your elementary and middle school children are becoming creative thinkers, confident communicators, and courageous leaders! On Monday, May 22, we are excited to celebrate that with parents and grandparents at our first CBA Celebration of Learning!

Learning in elementary and middle school is project-based, as teachers weave language arts core disciplines of reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills into science and social studies units. Students are researching, writing, presenting their thinking, and doing beautiful work!  What are some examples of where we have seen elementary students becoming creative thinkers, confident communicators, and courageous leaders recently?

Grade 1: As students studied what it means to live in community, they built an entire community 3-D map! Streets were named, service buildings identified, parks were placed – from design to construction – all in Spanish.
Grade 1 also wrote and published a bilingual book about birds, with incredible writing and beautiful illustrations. They continue to grow in reading and writing as they prepare for a debate!

Grade 2: Students are gaining a view of the big world in which they live as they study the continents! Students are learning about China, Japan and India, including reading and writing about what it would have been like to live there long ago, as well as what it would be like to travel there today! In Spanish, students are discovering how the physical earth is impacted by weather, sometimes quickly as in a tornado, and sometimes over time as they see the impacts of erosion. They are creating a booklet and 3-D map of the regions of South Carolina as they research, read, and write!

Grade 3: The classes are abuzz with investigations and building! Grade 3 Spanish students have been studying the varying sources of energy and are now building demonstrations as they seek to understand how we can use God’s resources wisely. Grade 3 English students are wrapping up a year-long study of US history with a study of government. Students participated in a Socratic Circle Discussion on the Articles of Confederation vs. the US Constitution and compared and contrasted the branches of our government. They didn’t stop in just knowing about the US government; it now has become personal as they look at student government!

Grade 4: Leadership development has been the focus throughout the year, as students studied more US History in English class. Students have researched leaders throughout history, compared and contrasted their impacts, and learned from senior citizens within the local community. Now it’s time to make that personal, as they write persuasive essays on how they can become a leader, incorporating what character traits they have seen in leaders who have a positive impact on others. As leaders of the CBA Elementary School, this year, Grade 4 students have been leading small group discussions in morning assembly, learding crew teams each Tuesday morning, and leading their crew to do park pick-up after lunch break. Very soon, these Grade 4 students will be promoted to CBA Middle School!

We invite you to come celebrate this year of learning with us!

Inspiring world changers together,

Principal Marilyn Lane