In EC we are getting ready for Holy Week connecting the stories of Moses to those of Jesus. 

This week, we contrasted the evil Pharaoh who allowed so much destruction to happen to his people, rather than letting the people go, with THE King of Kings: Jesus. We recreated his triumphal entry in Jerusalem as the kids in Kindergarten B waved palms and sang Hosanna. See video here. We also sang as a group Hallelu, Hallelujah and El es Rey (He is King). (Find here a list of the songs that we have sung in chapel so far this year.)

During the last week before Spring Break, we’ll talk about Jesus’ sacrifice for us. It is not a sad story because it has the best ending ever: Jesus’ resurrection. We will make sure to present the story in an appropriate manner for our very young audience.

20mo-2yo classes singing "Hosanna" during chapel.

Kindergarten singing "Hosanna" during chapel.