Registration for Spanish (& Mandarin 🥳!!) summer classes opens in ONE WEEK – Thursday, March 16!!
Get all the details here. 
Here’s a little more about our theme “Quién es mi vecino?” (Who is my neighbor?):
Who does Jesus say is my neighbor? How should I treat them?
The Bible is clear when it comes to instructions for how to treat the sojourner among us: love them and welcome them (Deut. 10:19, Lev. 19:34). In this age of increasing diversity in our communities, how do we prepare our kids to love those who come from a different place, a different culture, maybe even speak a different language than they do?
This summer’s Spanish camp is going to be a special one with deep and practical goals: to teach kids about their neighbors from the top four home countries of immigrants in the United States: Mexico, China, India, and the Philippines.
Join us as we learn Spanish or Mandarin and build empathy for our neighbors. ❤