Keeping us healthy in the second semester: As a school, we understand that opinions vary among our families and teachers about what is considered healthy. For some, sweet, sugary treats are a happy childhood memory; for others, it means adverse effects on their child’s health.  As some classes made allowances for Christmas, we need to remind everyone that it’s our policy to stay as sugar-free as possible. In regards to upcoming celebrations (birthdays, Valentine’s Day, end-of-school-year parties), in order to ensure that we respect everyone’s wishes, unless you are planning a 100% sugar-free celebration CBA is asking parents to celebrate after school instead of during school hours. This will allow parents to decide whether they like the options. We have an area with picnic tables that is available right after Kindergarten pick-up at 12:45 on the right hand side of the Sanctuary for these occasions. The same principle applies to any contributions to other school parties in the classrooms: please send savory snacks or fruit. Thank you for your support and understanding! We apologize for any inconvenience.

A CBA parent brought this (literal) fruit cake for a celebration!