We have been so blessed this year at Charleston Bilingual Academy. Through our efforts as a community, we’ve protected so much of our in-person class time. That is vital to our students’ learning. We thank you for the precautions you’re taking. We thank our teachers for their flexibility in moving instruction outside and working with students on their masks and hand washing. Our sanitation team has worked tirelessly to keep our school clean. It truly takes a village!

Starting December 1, we will change our policy where masks are optional for staff and students for the month of December at the direction of our task force.

We will require masks for the first two weeks in January until we are sure that the numbers of COVID did not spike following Christmas break.

Students who opted out of mask-wearing can remain opted out.

If COVID case numbers do not spike, then we will return to an optional policy.

We maintain the right to adjust this policy per the direction of our task force at any time, and we appreciate your support and flexibility during these times.

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