It’s not too late to sign up to bring a meal!  We would LOVE to have a full meal train from now through the end fo the school year!!
Dear parents,
We have an opportunity as a school to show how we love others by bringing meals to one of our CBA families.
Two of our amazing teachers, Coach/Pastor Luis and Maestra Maribel Carreon (20-month-old class), lead a ministry with the local hispanic community at Friendship Baptist Church. From this, they have been helping a 16-year-old new mother who has endured much hardship. One of our CBA families, the Leonards, has opened their home to her and her newborn, providing a safe and loving place to stay during this challenging time. The Leonard family, along with the new young mother is also fostering another young teenage girl, on top of caring for their own children who attend CBA.
They could use some help, so, we’ve set up a meal schedule through the website

We are asking you, our CBA Family, to choose at least one day EVERY MONTH that you can prepare a meal for them so we can provide coverage through the end of the school year.   Click this link to start!
If providing a meal is just not something you can do, you can still show love in MANY other ways, especially through prayer, writing an encouraging note, or checking in with them for play dates or outings.  You can find their contact information in the internal Parent Directory; please contact the office if you do not have access to this document.
We hope you will join us in supporting the Leonard family!

Muchas gracias,

The CBA Office Team

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