• Kids on Mission Parent-Student Handbook Agreement Form - Fall 2020

  • Parents/Guardians: Please read the following statements carefully and sign below to indicate your agreement. You may submit one form per family.

    I hereby affirm that I have read the Kids on Mission Parent-Student Handbook - Summer Camp 2020 and will ensure my child complies therewith. I certify that I consent to and will submit to all governing policies of Kids on Mission and Charleston Bilingual Academy, including all applicable policies in the Parent and Student Handbook.

    School Foundations: I understand the standards of Kids on Mission (KOM) and the expectation of parental support, as well as KOM’s commitment to foreign language acquisition, the pursuit of unity among various cultures, and Christ-centered education, including teaching the Bible.

    Enrollment: I understand that the services of KOM are engaged by mutual consent and that either KOM or I reserve the right to terminate any or all services at any time. If at any time my child’s conduct or cooperation with KOM’s teachers is not in keeping with KOM’s requirements, I understand that KOM reserves the right to dismiss my child. Further, I agree that in the event that I cannot continue to support KOM relating to the progress of my child, I agree to withdraw my child from KOM in a quiet and orderly fashion. I understand and accept that if I withdraw or am requested to withdraw my child, no refund of registration fees or used tuition will be made.

    Tuition: I understand my commitment to pay tuition for the amount referenced in the Handbook and on the KOM website provided upon registration. There are no refunds for registration or tuition payments received. If I reduce the number of days per week that my child attends during a camp or semester session, I will pay one month’s tuition installment difference between the two rates. I am expected to pay tuition regardless of how many days my child attends (e.g. due to sickness, vacation, etc.).

    Behavior Management: I understand that if my child is continually interrupting the class, the teacher can mute the microphone, turn off the webcam, and even dismiss my child from the class. If the behavior continues as a pattern in multiple classes, my child will be dismissed from the program.

    Parental Commitment: It is my commitment to abide by the parent expectations and help provide a healthy and positive school environment for our children. I agree that I will be present to supervise my child during all class meetings and will ensure my child is abiding by all virtual classroom guidelines. I agree that I will in no case complain to other parents (including social media), but will first register complaints with the program Headmaster via njohnson@charlestonbilingualacademy.org. I understand that if the issue is not resolved, it can then be taken to the Board President, and if the issue is still not resolved, then it can be taken to the Charleston Bilingual Academy Board. No issue will ever be brought to the Board or any Board member unless it has exhausted the previous channels.

    I agree to abide by KOM’s established policies and to support the program with a positive attitude. I understand that if, at any time, KOM determines in its sole discretion that my actions do not support the Christian ministry, or reflect a lack of cooperation and commitment to the home and KOM working together, KOM has the right to request the withdrawal of my child.

    Admission to KOM is a privilege, not a right, and admission for one session does not guarantee automatic admission to future sessions.

  • By selecting the "submit" button, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement. By selecting "I Accept" you consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions.