Get involved with Circle Time

Circle times are interactive group sessions that last around 30 minutes, where little ones sing, dance, participate in a story and learn key concepts in the target language.

All preschool CBA circle times will be outside this year, weather-permitting. If your child is not attending CBA in person this fall, a parent can enroll to participate in a socially distanced, age-appropriate circle time 2 or 3 days a week.  We strongly recommend a M/W/F or T/Th/+ schedule, so students can attend with the same cohort. 

Circle times will not be held in case of inclement weather.

Circle times are offered to 3- and 4-year-olds at 8:30am and to 2-year-olds at 9:15am.

Sample circle time routine:

9: 15-9: 20 Welcome and Free play

9: 20- 9:25 Organized games (rounds, etc.)

9: 25-9: 40 Circle: Students sit in marked places; good morning song and prayer; fun way to introduce concept or storytime; other songs with kinesthetic movements to close

Usually, a theme or story will be introduced on Monday, reviewed on Tuesday, a new theme or story on Wednesday, reviewed on Thursday, and Fridays might be more review or digging deeper into a theme.

Cost: $132 per month for 2 or 3 days/week starting Monday, October 5, 2020.

Let’s Get Started…

  • Outdoor Circle Time Program Registration Form

  • Price: $132.00
    This includes 2 or 3 days per week each month, weather permitting. For consistency, we ask that you attend on a regular schedule such as MWF, or Tu/Th/one additional day. This is a recurring charge that will charge your credit card every month until the end of May.
  • $0.00
    You will be charged this amount every month until the end of May. If you are transferring CBA credits to pay for circle time, please do not put in your payment information.