Project Description

Preschool Teacher 3-year Assistant, Section A – Ms. Prado is an educator who, together with her husband, founded a private school in Venezuela. She says that teaching is not just a profession but her vocation. Mrs. Prado began her work with CBA first as a preschool substitute teacher and has worked with different teachers and different ages since early 2020. Of her focus as a teacher, she says: “ Patience and humility are some of the values ​​that define my personality and impact my teaching in a positive way. I also really enjoy serving others.”


1) Why did you become a teacher?

I decided to become a teacher at a very early age. I graduated in Venezuela as a teacher in commercial education in 2010, though I had been working in the education system since the year 2000. I married in 2002 and in 2004, my husband and I founded and ran a school in Venezuela where I also taught. The school is still in operation today even though we had to leave it to immigrate to the United States because of the difficult situation in Venezuela.
2) What person has had the biggest impact on your life and how so?
There are several people that have impacted my life: my mom with her teachings and values; my husband because of his faith in God, his point of view, his work ethic, and his love for our daughters; my daughters because through them I learned what pure love is but I also learned pain and sadness.
3) What is the most fun part of teaching and why?
The best thing about being an educator is that you get to give the best of yourself so that every child absorbs the love that you have for them through every activity you do with them.
4) What is your favorite activity with your students? 
All of them are my favorites: singing and praying during snack times, being in the playground, circle time, chapel, and PE. The 4 hours with them bring me so much joy.
5) What are you learning in your faith right now?
A year ago my oldest daughter (15 years old) took her own life, and I have had to battle with my own fleshly mind so that my faith and trust in God won’t crumble. It is a daily battle to maintain my faith intact, trusting and thanking God for everything, reminding myself that everything in my life works together for my good and that God’s will is perfect.
6) How does your faith impact your teaching? 
As a teacher, I am convinced that what we say or do will impact the life of every child, especially between the range of 0-6 years of age. For me, it is more important to teach them about the love of God, over numbers and letters.
7) Do you have a daily habit that you can’t live without?
No. I think that the only important and indispensable thing for life is our connection with God, with family and friends. The children in our class and Maestra Damaris have been a blessing to me, since I still have some days when I don’t want to get up from bed but knowing that they are waiting for me gives me the motivation to get up and leave my house, just to be with them.