Project Description

1st Grade Aide – PM – Mrs. Arias is from Venezuela and is the mother of a 2nd grade CBA student. She writes, “I feel so blessed to be back in my fourth year at CBA. I had the privilege of working as an assistant with experienced teachers such as Rosa Maria Cabrera (elementary) and Margarita Hart (formerly K4, now Preschool Coordinator and Assistant to the Headmaster), as well as being a lead teacher in a 3-year-old class for the last two years . I was a lawyer in my native country and I am a great believer in education, especially Christian education. I also believe in the CBA model of language immersion, intercultural education, and children learning through play. I strive to ensure that my students have positive experiences in the classroom.” Mrs. Arias will teach the 3-year-old CBA preschoolers in the mornings and will work as a first grade assistant in the afternoons at CBA.