Project Description

Assistant to the Headmaster and Preschool Coordinator – Ms. Hart is a native of Guatemala and attended a German immersion school from K4 to 12th grade (she loves to practice her German when the opportunity presents itself). She remembers her K4 year as one of the happiest and even has memories from when she was 3. Among her early jobs, Mrs. Hart was Administrative Assistant to three mission directors: OC Ministries (Guatemala), Wycliffe Americas Area (Dallas, TX) and Wycliffe Central American Branch (Guatemala). For many years, she taught Spanish in K-12 schools and homeschool cooperatives. She came to CBA in 2016 as a K4 teacher during the school year and as a summer assistant to the principal, until she became Dr. Johnson’s full-time assistant in 2019. She recently assumed the role of CBA preschool coordinator. Mrs. Hart has studied Communications, Linguistics, and Education, and has taken and taught Early Childhood Education classes. At CBA, she helps recruit and train preschool and substitute teachers, and provides careful observation, insight, discipleship, and practical resources to them, as well as supporting the Headmaster and staff in a variety of ways. Mrs. Hart loves to share God’s Word and help adults and children apply it in practical ways, as well as shepherd the hearts of children, leading them to the One who loves them most: King Jesus.