Project Description

Headmaster – Dr. Johnson considers both South Carolina and Venezuela to be his homes, having lived extensively in both countries throughout his life. He has worked in various academic areas, from directing the development of the Dew Learning Curriculum, to serving as a high school principal at Palmetto Christian Academy in Charleston, South Carolina, and as headmaster at International Christian School-Caracas with Venezuela.

He has worked with the Network of International Schools and has worked in international accreditation teams through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and in Advanced Education. He is currently a member of the ACSI board of directors. He graduated in ’01 from Furman University (BA in History, Secondary Education). He then completed an M.Ed. at Columbia International. In 2014 he completed his Ph.D. at the best educational program in the country, Vanderbilt University, investigating how to create a world-class school within a diversified urban context. Based on his studies, experiences in multicultural settings, and a passion for uniting cultures and sharing God’s love, he founded the Charleston Bilingual Academy as a pilot school.

Nate is also a co-founder of the Clapham Group, an education think tank and consulting firm. He and his wife, Rossana, are the parents of 4 fun CBA students.