What do you ask your child when you pick him/her up?

Questions are pivotal to parenting. So often our good “talks” are just that- us talking and our kids listening. But what are our kids saying? What are they thinking? Well, what questions are we asking? I firmly believe that our questions not only help reveal their souls, but also form their souls. If that is true, then what are the questions we are always asking?

Let’s just use one scenario. You will probably pick your child up from school at least 2340 times. So what is the first thing you ask? If you ask the same question 2340 times, you will reveal what is important to you, and in time it will become important to them.  Personally, instead of asking my son “What did you do today?” I am trying to ask him first, “Did you protect anyone today?” That question complements the other question I always ask my 3 year old, “Why did God give you such big muscles?”, to which he responds, “to protect my sisters and friends.” Thinking of others, as well caring for, defending and protecting them is essential to being a man. I want my son to understand and live a manly life, so I want to ask him manly questions.


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